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Norilyn is a Taft college student who loves to get it from behind. The doggy style is her favorite and fucking won’t be complete if she didn’t get a good fuck while on a doggy style mission. She seems to love it when she’s on all four and a guy is licking her pussy, I use to think that it doesn’t matter what position you’re in as long as your tongue can lick that cunt clean then they’ll like it. Best friends Edmilyn and Katrina from Pasig are so close that when one of them got a problem even if it involves sex the other is always willing to help. Just like in this gallery where Edmilyn is feeling horny and she wanted someone to fuck, she just calls on Katrina. I wonder if Katrina wants to have a threesome with a trike driver or a soldier? I’m sure that Edmilyn will also be more than willing to help her out as she loves corrupt police officers. Lesbians nowadays are more open in their relationship, same sex relationship used to be taboo in the Philippines but now, people doesn’t seem to care anymore, a few still have some issues but they don’t matter in this site, here, we only care for these hot and sexy Filipinas, lesbians or not as long as they get naked and fulfill sexual fantasies they won’t here a peep out of us.

Petite housewife demand hard cock: Sometimes housewives surprise me, they used to be so shy, but right now they are usually the ones asking for a cock to suck or fuck whenever hey are horny between domestic tasks in upscale condos in Makati City. Not that I’m complaining, it just surprised me to see what used to be modest girls asking for action. Miko is a babe with a very attractive body. She loves to pose teasingly knowing that many guys will be looking (and some definitely will be doing more than just look) at them. Who wouldn’t want to take a peek at those pics, from the one where she’s still wearing some clothes to the one where she spreads her pekpek wide open. Beautiful Katarina feels that her boyfriend doesn’t want to fuck her anymore or their sexlife is going down the drain so she thought she’d make their sexlife exciting again, she thought that she’d wear something steamy when her boyfriend came to visit and when he saw her wearing that lingerie he got a hard-on and a night a intense fucking followed I just love a Nice Shaved Pussy to Fuck, you can just watch your Dick go in and out as the Pussy walls stretches to it limits swallowing your Dick whole. Katrina got a Shaved Pussy (being a Petite Filipina, its normal I guess) and its a good thing that this guy didn’t have a Big Dick or he’d tear her in half.

Group of drunk women pose uninhibited with hot pants and underwear next to waterfall in Subic Bay region. They love to party with Red Horse Beer.

Horny Filipina Lesbians making out on the Couch: Alma and Janet are two Hot and Sexy Filipina Girls engaged in a Steamin’ Hot Lesbian Action Scene where they Lick Suck and Fuck each other on a Couch. You’ll specially love Alma in this gallery, who wouldn’t love a pair of Big Tits being Licked by an equally Hot Filipina? Girl Strips and poses on a Chair: Kathai is a Hot Babe with a Smoking Hot Body, Sexy Curves, a pair of Big Natural Tits, Nice Round Ass and a Shaved Pussy. You’ll see a great view of her Naked Body as she pose Sexily on a chair after she Stripped off all her clothes and all that remains is that very Sexy Naked body of hers.

The best smut from the Philippines: Filipina Sex Reviews.

Horny Filipina calls up a guy for a Booty Call> It is always great that you have a Fuck Buddy that you can always count on for a Booty Call and this is exactly our scenario in this gallery where Ana Katrina feels so Horny and needs a really Good Fuck, so she calls up her Fuck buddy and a few minutes (fast huh? If I were the guy and a Girl calls me up to Fuck I’ll also dash to her place) later there Fucking like bunnies. Pretty Joydee spreads her Pussy: Joydee is a Beautiful Filipina Babe with a very Lovely Smile, her face just lits up whenever she’s smiling, and its always a turn-on whenever you see a Hot Girl enjoying what she does. As expected this gallery tured out so well, her pics look Hot and Sexy, I specially loved the one where she’s on all four with her Panties pulled to the side. Leggy Filipina gets a Facial after Fucking. I love Girls with Sexy Legs and Annaliza got very Hot Legs and I’d love to Fuck theJuicy Pussy between them. Good thing that this Horny Couple loves to Fuck in front of a camera so we egt to see those hot Legs in action. Watch Annalisa as she Sucks and Fucks and even gets a Warm Facial after Fucking.

Cute Filipina Schoolgirl Strips off her Uniform: The Philippines is full of Hot and students that are willing to Strips off their uniforms in exchange for some quick cash to help them buy the latest gadgets that money can buy like new cellphones, clothes and shoes. Jenyn is one of them and this Hottie will Strips off her uniform and shows off her Sexy Body in exchange for a quick buck.

Cyber sex made in The Philippines: Asians 247 Review

Corrine plays with her new toy: Corrine just got back from the mall where she bought a new toy and she wanted to try it out as soon as she gets back to her place. So right after she entered her door she immediate took all of her clothes off until she’s fully Naked, her Shaved Pussy and Perky Tits in plain view, and fucked that Toy like a Sexcrazed Nymph that she is. Jenny Strips and Spreads: Jenny is a Cute Filipina with a very Sexy Body. This girl loves to Tease by slowly taking her clothes off and spreading her long Sexy legs to give us a btter view of her Fuckable Pussy. We were just talking about Filipina Girls that shaved and don’t, Jenny belongs to the latter but at least she trims her Bush for that neat and clean look. Burgis Street Cutie Ashley of Dimples bar feels so Horny and she wanted to Fuck immediately, she didn’t even bither to go inside her room when Eduard arrived after she called him. Ashley is already wearing her Sexy Maid Outfit and I don’t think that a lot of guys will be able to resist her charms when she’s really feeling Horny and badly needed a Fuck

Emjhay loves to Fuck: Filipina Hottie is as Horny as always, this girl always wants to Fuck, her day won’t even be complete if her Pussy hasn’t Stuffed with a Big Fat Cock. It is safe to say that Emjhay is not your Manila maiden that is still shy about thing involving Sex, she is very open about it and she’s making sure that her actions speaks louder than words. I was just saying in the last post that Filipina nowadays prefer to Shave or Trim their Pubes and we found another Filipina Cutie that fits this category. Agnes is a Petite one with a Trimmed bush and she is proud to show off that her Pussy is not like a Virgin Forest like other typical Filipina Girls out there. More and more Filipina are becoming like Agnes and there will come a time that Bushy Pussies will be a thing of the past. Modern Filipinas today prefer their Pussies Shaved or Trimmed and I love Girls that Trim or Shave their bush, just like this Sexy Filipina Annick. She got a Shaved Pussy and I think it looks Sexier than other Pinays with Hairy Pussies. Its a good thing that Filipina nowadays chose to shaved their pubes, they used to let their bush down their grow like a jungle or something.

Lesbians plays with Dildos: When I first saw this gallery I first notice the things they’re wearing, I said “what the fuck are those?!” and when I took a second look I knew it really is diapers they’re wearing. I’m sure that some guys will love these Girls wearing Diapers but I’m sorry if I say that they didn’t even made my Cock flinch but when they started to Fuck their Dildos then my Cock went back to life. Jenn is a Beautiful babae from Boracay who loves to expose her Sweet Filipina Pussy in front of the camera. This Hottie got a Pretty Face and you couldn’t have guessed that she loves to show off her Pussy, even spread it in front of Strangers in exchange for some shopping cash. Well, at least we get to see a yet another Beautiful filipina exposing her Sweet and Sexy Body.

Blue Eyed  friend to Fuck: Cathy is a Cute Filipino chick with Blue Eyes (although we all know that its fake because pure blooded Filipina girls doesn’t have Blue eyes, must be contact lenses) is feeling Hornyso she calls up Kenneth and ask him if he’s available. Kenneth, sensing that Cathy wants to Fuck immediately answered yes and got into Cathys House a few minutes later, without wasting anymore time they both Strip off their clothes and started to Fuck. All of us have a favorite part of our body, some love their Ass, some their hands or feet and this Filipina Cutie particularly loves her Pussy, she know that its one of her assets and she always take good care of it, always shaving it so that it’ll always look clean and ready for some Hard Fucking Action but in this gallery we’ll only see her Fuck a Rabbit Vibrator, hey, as long as we get to see that Pussy in action all is good right?

Sexy Filipina Hottie Marichris wants to Fuck: We have different ways to unwind, some try to relax by smoking, drinking and some, like Marichris, wants to have Sex to realx and unwind, specially when exams week is coming. She is the type to dominate in bed, she wants to be in total control, telling you what to do, and she wants you to go down on her and if you’re good enough she’ll let you blow your load on her Cute Face. Looks like we are on a roll these past few days, today we have found another Hottie who may look innocent on the outside but a definite Slut in the inside. Evelyn is a Cute Filipina who loves to show off her Naked Body to anybody. we’ll take a peek as she have some fun while in the toilet, she takes off her clothes one by one until she’s fully Naked, she then spreads her legs wide open to expose her Tight Pussy. We came across another Cute Visayan in Agnes and like other Filipina Girls that we featured here, she also loves to show off her Sexy Naked Body for everyone to see. Agnes is actually a good jerk off material because she knows how to flaunt her Sexy Body, making you think that she is Striping and exposing her Pussy just for you.

Ella Sucks and Fucks by the pool: Ella is a Petite secretary from Antipolo and one look at her you’ll know that she is one horny nymph, be careful not to tear her in half when you Fuck her because she is so small that you’d wonder if she can take a Big Hard Cock in her Small tight pussy. It doesn’t where she Fucks, as long as she gets to have a Hard Cock in her Mouth and Pussy she’ll be more than satisfied. Joyce is a Hot and Sexy Filipina with a very Sexy Body, this Horny Hottie loves to Suck on hard cocks. She loves to heat ’em up well before riding it like a pro that she is. Joyce have lots of experience when it comes to intercourse because she is one of the Lahug town sluts and asking her to fuck is no challenge to her at all. If you’re lucky she might ask you. Criselda and Lyn are two lesbians from San Fernando that love to fuck using a strap-on, they’re not actually lesbians because I’ve seen these two fuck a guy, maybe bi-sexuals, definitely not 100% lesbians, it’ll be such a waste if they’re lesbians and hate the cock, good thing they’re not. Enjoy watching these two horny hotties as they please each other using their fingers and a strap-on.

Trike Patrol Reviews.

Lesbians plays with Vibrators: Happy Valentines my fellow filipina Lovers! May you have a Hot Filipina beside you in this special day and I wish you luck, may you get laid tonight with the your Valezuala date. Wow these Filipina Lesbians look great, at first I thought the lesbians in the Philippines are all alike, I’ve seen a few of them, trying hard to be guys with their boyish haircuts, its very rare to see such Hot Lesbians. I might change my view on these Filipina Lesbian, I thought that they’re all the same, guess I was wrong and from now on I’ll be looking forward for more Lesbian action pics. Hot Babe Corrine loves to play with herself, whenever she feel like it and wherever she may be just like in this gallery where she is taking a shower and the next thing we know she’s already playing with her Tight Filipina Pussy, spreading its lips to further give us the reason to Masturbate.

Michelle gives the best Handjobs: This Petite Makati amateur is known for her Handjob skills, Michelle gives one of the best handjob a guy can get from a Manila college student, must be because of her Soft Little Hands or because she know the right tightness when she’s holding a Dick. Whatever it is Macoy should consider himself lucky because he gets a first hand experience of Michelle’s famous Handjobs. Here is another Cutie with a Big Appetite for Sex, Bee loves to Masturbate and she always does with her Big Dildo. Modern girls are more open minded and even admits that they Masturbate, back then, its taboo for Filipina Girls to Masturbate, but now, you’ll seldom meet a Manila amateur who didn’t Masturbate, some may admit it and some may still not but the fact still remains that they are now openminded about the issue.

Cute Gemma Strips off her Lingerie: Gemma is a cute model with a Petite yet Sexy Body. This little Filipina looks so Sexy in her Red Lingerie and I’m already having a hard time choosing between her pics wearing the Lingerie or the one without, there are times when you just can’t choose which one you’d like best, a Filipina with clothes or a Naked one. One thing is for sure though, I love them on my Cock. Jesse is a sexy babe who loves to put on a show. This Cutie it when all the attention are focused to her as she Strips off her clothes one by one until her Wet Filipina Pussy and Cute Perky Tits are out in plain view, she specially loves to perform on stag parties where she occasionally get laid, that is f you’re her type of guy. Nowadays, they have less inhibitions and knows what they want and they will do anything to get it.

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