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You flattie lovers out there are gonna love this one. The girl’s name is Kylie Richards, she’s 20 years old and from Pasadena, California, and she has absolutely no tits at all. Yep, she’s nothing but nipple, and she’s cute as can be with a very pretty face and a perfect little ass. Where does the “Loser” find these girls? One thing you gotta say about this guy: He might not know what to do with the girls once he finds them, but he definitely knows how to find them. Anyway, when this scene opens, Kylie seems very nervous. She’s jittery, as all first-timers should be, and the “Loser” does absolutely nothing to put her at ease. The thing we love about Kylie is that she’s so real. Her bra and panties are normal-girl bra and panties from a cheap retailer or Dollar store.

But once she gets down to fucking—once the “Loser’s” cock comes out—she proves that she’s not a normal girl. She has the makings of a star. She sucks his cock deep and lustily, and when the “Loser” sticks his dick in her, she moans loudly because she’s enjoying it. Before long, it seems as if Kylie has overcome her nerves, and she’s done it by doing what comes naturally. Or cums naturally. Whatever. The “Loser” has found another winner. You Rack ‘Em: Watching a girl with big tits play pool is as entertaining as it gets. Imagine going to your local pool hall and spotting Christy racking up some balls and sinking them into different pockets. The vision of her bending over to line up a shot, leaning over her cue stick and pumping it back and forth in between her fingers…it’s pretty fucking hot, right? Imagine watching her bend over and getting a clear shot of her cleavage. If you are the creative type, you can almost imagine your cock in that sweet valley of flesh. We think that pool is a pretty sexy sport and Christy is as hot as they come, so having her pose for these photos was enjoyable for both us and her. Rack ‘em up Christy!

Hot mamasita teases with her assets on balcony. Images courtesy of www.40somethingmag.com

Sexy Southern Belle: “I swallow. It’s not polite for a lady to spit,” said Southern belle Charley Rose, a sexy swinger from Tennessee who’s making her first appearance in 40Something. “I’m also multi-orgasmic. The more passionate the sex is, the more powerful my orgasm.” “I dress to kill, so to speak,” she said. “I love to dress sexy with dresses, heels and nylons. I enjoy wearing corsets, waist cinchers, garters and sexy lingerie. I’ve found that leaving on my waist cinchers and corsets is sexier when I’m modeling or having sex than taking it all off.” Judging by these photos, we’re not going to argue with that. Although don’t worry; Charley will be naked in a frame or two. “I have sex whenever I can and as often as I can,” she said. “But there’s a difference between sex and making love. I make love to my husband. But I’ll have sex with just about anyone.” “I love to seduce and be seduced,” Charley said. “I like to be romanced, pampered and loved passionately. My favorite color is red. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, strength, power and determination as well as passion, lust, desire and love. Red gives me confidence to go after my dreams.” Her dreams include a gang bang and an all-girl orgy, both of which we’d love to watch. “I once had a foursome in a parking lot downtown. It began with some girl-girl play and ended up with each other’s spouses. We had the car windows fogged up and the car rocking. We didn’t care who watched!”

Ass Play: This is Myah, 18 years old and from New York City. When the “Loser” asks her, she admits to be nervous. But not so nervous that she won’t take it in the ass. Yeah, that’s right, we said it, the ass. The “Loser” doesn’t delve into the anal cavity too often, but he’s lucky enough to this time. Now, be forewarned: Myah’s ass is little. It looks like you could break it in half if you fucked it too hard. But it doesn’t break in half, and if the truth must be known, she seems to like it a lot better in her ass than in her pussy. So, congratulations to the “Loser” for not only finding this hot piece of ass but also fucking her in the ass. We’re not much into giving compliments to the “Loser,” but the truth is the truth. She Cums Like A Mack Truck: Christy loves porn and truckers, so what better way to let her get off than to let her go at herself in front of a truck while looking at titties and pussy, which, in turn, make her touch her titties and pussy? We think that Christy would be the perfect girlfriend just because when she starts checking out the porn magazines we gave her, you can tell that she is into the tits almost as much as you are. And who wouldn’t want to watch their girlfriend masturbate on a pile of dirty magazines? That is pretty much the definition of the best girlfriend, ever! And the best part about this video? Watching Christy cum right at the end, when her eyes roll into the back of her head and she moans and shudders. She cums like a Mack truck and it’s awesome!

Trisha’s Freaky Side: “I love to get freaky,” said Trisha Lynne, a secretary from upstate New York who’s making her 40Something debut in a most interesting way: Standing out on a balcony in South Miami, Florida, being her voyeuristic self and giving the voyeurs on the other balconies something to look at, too. “The idea that somebody could have been watching me do this is exciting,” said Trisha Lynne. But just so you don’t get the wrong idea–or the right idea!–Trisha isn’t all about sex and showing off her great body. “I love riding a motorcycle, taking long walks, sewing, and spending time with my kids and grand children. Most people I know, especially my kids, would be a little surprised to find out that I’m doing this, but I don’t think they’d be totally shocked. Most people who know me know there’s a side of me that likes to be different and take chances. I don’t know a lot of women my age who would do what I’m doing, but I know a lot of women who should. Modeling for 40Something is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I feel so sexy! Do you think I look sexy?”

You’re probably wondering when Trisha Lynne is going to go inside and get to the good stuff. She isn’t. The good stuff is happening right there on the balcony because Trisha isn’t shy. “One time, a 23-year-old guy I worked with was at a strip club, and he stopped by my house when he left there. My boyfriend went to bed, and I went outside and had sex with him in his truck. Outside his truck, too! People were driving by, and I know they saw us. It was an awesome time!” Trisha sounds like a woman who doesn’t hesitate to fulfill her fantasies, but there’s still one that has gone unfulfilled. “I want to have a lot of guys at the same time, and I mean a lot, like six or seven!” she said. “They take turns with me, and I suck off two or three of them while another is fucking my pussy. I end up with lots of cum all over me, and I would rub it in while they watch.” As Trisha Lynne spreads her ass on the balcony, she’d like to leave you with one thought. “There are more mature women who are like me than unlike me,” she said. “So if you see a sexy MILF you are attracted to, go for it! If she’s like me, she wants it just as bad as you do.”

Ass-fucked by an asshole: There are some things even the Loser can’t mess up. Like Erika, a 25-year-old blonde who was raised in Missouri, lives in New York City and ranks as the Loser’s naughtiest discovery yet. Yeah, he tries to fuck it up, like by asking her if she has any reservations about what she’s about to do. But Erika smiles and says in her little girl’s voice, “I think it’s going to be fun. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years, and the more I think about it, the hornier I get.”

It’s immediately clear that Erika has no reservations about sucking and fucking in front of the camera. She gets right into the blow job, and Loser gets into it, too, getting hard instantly, which is a change for him. Erika attempts to deep-throat him while looking at the camera, then after one failure, succeeds and gags on his cock. “That makes my nipples rock hard every time,” she says. She spits on his cock and works it with her hand. She licks and sucks his balls, then deep-throats him again. Oh, sure, there are the usual Porn Loser fuck ups, like the bright camera lights we see in the background while she’s riding him. But Erika refuses to be distracted, and so do we. She’s sexy, horny, sloppy, so into it that the Loser can’t keep his camera steady. “Every time I look at that camera, I think about how naughty I’m being,” she says. “I think anal sex is the best sex,” she says. Can the Loser’s cock find its way into Erika’s ass? You’re gonna have to find out for yourself.

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