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Lactalia Review
South American talent Talia from Cute Latina portal decided it would be a lot more fun to keep exposing in front of the camera during her two pregnancies, rather than taking a break. Lactalia is a pretty good preggo offer where especially the photo collection is plentiful. There’s also a decent selection of videos, but unfortunately the technical quality is substandard. There’s never a shortage of new interesting and exciting things to discover about human sexuality and preggo carries weird feelings. Some might prove it to be a turnoff while others become so fascinating that I’ll stick. Unsure where to sit with the “preggo” niche? Definitely possible to see how a pregnant woman can be extremely desirable. It’s a very far cry from being a turn-off, but probably won’t make it into anybody’s personal list of favorites.

Talia is a Chilean babe. She was part of Cute Latina (membership to this one is included in the package), earlier today and liked it enough to give it a well deserved 82/100 score. Talia was pregnant twice in 2004 and 2005, and rather than give up her entertaining job of playing with herself and her friends in front of the camera, she instead launched this second site, Lactalia (an obvious play on her name and the verb to lactate), where she’s as knocked up as they come, and with a wonderful pair of naturally enlarged, milk filled jugs that play a prominent role in all the fun. Like on Cute Latina, Talia is giving us a nice mixture of both solo, lesbian and hardcore guy/girl or group action – although on this site it’s leaning heavily towards particularly solo but also girl/girl. This hot Latina may be 6-8 months pregnant, but that’s sure as hell not gonna stop her from having sex – whether on her own or with a little help from her friends. As you would expect from the name of the site there’s milk flowing from Talia’s tits in a fair of the scenes – both videos and photo sets, and contrary to my preconceptions, I actually found this pretty hot.


Cute Latina was a very large site – and as you would expect given the nature of the content and the fact that pregnancies do tend to come to an end somewhere around, say nine months, Lactalia is obviously a much smaller site with currently 13 videos (each ranging from around 10 all the way to nearly 30 minutes in length) and 49 photo sets. Regular content updates are still coming though, so I assume they must have shot quite a bit extra during her pregnancies to have enough to keep the site fresh for quite a while. As with Cute Latina, the technical quality on Lactalia is a bit of a let down. All the photo content is great here – closing in on 1200 pixels on the long side (whereas that was only the case for the most recent on Cute Latina), but the videos are still a pretty crappy 320×240, 250-300 kbit that do not look great in fullscreen mode.
The exception is one of the latest videos where the quality has been bumped to a much better 640×480, 560 kbit. Let’s hope this is an improvement they plan to carry on to future updates on both Lactalia and Cute Latina.

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As already mentioned, Cute Latina is included with Lactalia, and so are 18 other sites in a site network I overall had few kind words to say about in the other review. Lactalia and Cute Latina are well worth the money – even if they stood alone, but out of the 18 other sites only two or three are pretty good, the rest are very small, several extremely small. Lactalia has been the first “preggo” site I’ve ever taken more than a brief glance at in my long career as a porn surfer, but I imagine it won’t be the last – if for no other reason then in an effort to add variety to all the categories at Mike’s Porn Site Reviews. Even if it strayed quite a bit from my usual preferences – and especially with Cute Latina included (where you’ll also find a fair amount of content with Talia in the earlier stages of pregnancy), Lactalia is well worth a visit: Lactalia Homepage.

Gorilla Gras Review
Companion to the largest Spring Break University portals, it has got to be one of the weirdest sites. The Extreme/Bizarre category (and it’s the bizarre part that’s relevant here). A guy in a gorilla costume gets his huge rubber dong thoroughly sucked by a number of hot and drunk babes at Mardi Gras/Spring Break parties. It’s hard to classify this as porn, but it’s nevertheless pretty damn entertaining, and the ladies look like they are having a whole lot of fun (the gorilla’s facial expressions are a bit harder to interpret, but I suspect he’s enjoying himself as well). Gorilla Gras includes membership to Spring Break University as well as a healthy collection of interesting bonus content.

An entertaining combination of bizarre, fun and hot – because rubber cock and gorilla costume aside, watching half naked hotties suck those 18 inches and subsequently drowned in fake cum is actually more of a turn-on that you might readily think. A bit too much noise, music and talking/cheering for my personal taste, but that’s obviously a natural part of this content. Genuine amateurs in actual “reality” content (although they don’t try to pass themself off as a reality porn site) at parties and exotic locations with reasonably large video/photo collection, especially given the rather unique nature of the content. Lots of interesting bonus content in the small site network, most notably the much larger site Spring Break University, but also the two multi-niche hardcore sites as well as the fetish site. The resolution of the photos could stand to be a bit higher, but it never really feels like too much of an issue. Video resolution is borderline unacceptable, the high bitrate more or less saves the day though, making the videos look decent even in fullscreen. Looks like the site isn’t updated any more. Download options are a bit limited, usually one video quality only and no zip files offered.

Magic Geena Review
One of five brand new solo girl sites (launched in January 2007) that can either be joined individually or all together for around the price of two. Each site stars a hot amateur teen girl, in the case of Geena we’re talking about a German (at least she’s speaking German in the videos) “girl next door type” brunette/redhead (varies a bit from set to set) with pretty big tits and a nice clean shaven pussy

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Geena’s site is pretty insignificant, but the sets of images that are here look pretty good, though so far it’s all softcore. Geena goes a bit further in some of the videos on her site, a bit of lesbian action as well as several videos where she’s masturbating with fingers and various dildos, and there’s a blowjob and a footjob video thrown in as well, with an (almost) lifelike flesh colored dildo (because of the closeup camera angles and the condom(!), I was actually fooled for a few seconds, thinking it was the real thing). Nine of the 29 videos and six of the 27 pictorials at Magic Geena feature “guest models” (on their own, not girl/girl with Geena). Usually a good thing, but on a site still this small it would probably have been better to stock up on content with the main girl first. Additionally, based on the watermark on the videos, it’s not even content shot by themselves (the photos may be though), but 3rd party content from another toys/lesbian site. Photos are available in two sizes, the largest one a huge, great looking 1696×2544. They can be downloaded in a zip file as well as viewed online. Videos are in a pretty impressive quality as well, 640×480, 1900 kbit. Well, at least that’s a pretty impressive quality on paper, in reality they looked somewhat grainy and blurry, sigificantly more than I feel they should have at that resolution and bitrate.

There was also another video problem you can read about in the cons below, but there’s a fairly good chance this could be a system issue on my computer (at least I hope so, otherwise there’s really no excuse for it). You can request personal custom photos and videos by filling out a form on the site. I won’t even begin to guess how much you can expect to have to pay for that, nor exactly how the billing will be handled, but I’m assuming they have a specific payment form set up for that. The whole thing does seem a bit odd to me, so for me personally this doesn’t really belong under pros at all to be honest. But I guess it might if you’re a fan of this sort of personalized stuff. Fairly pricy if you want access to all five sites. Well, pricy compared to typical site networks anyway, objectively speaking I guess you could argue that you’re getting a pretty good deal with five sites for the price of two. Unfortunately they are all quite small, in fact Magic Geena has almost twice as much content as the smallest one. Updates have been added quickly during the first month the site was online, but if the dates on the previews of upcoming pictorials and videos can be trusted (and they aren’t just a sample selection with more updates in between?), the future is looking pretty bleak for Magic Geena. Only one photo set and one video a month?! That’s downright horrible for any type of site and I have a very hard time believing they can’t manage to shoot more content than that.

Or maybe they are relying on the average member actually paying for custom shoots? If that is in fact the case it becomes very hard to recommend this site, and the other “Magic” sites as well, as scheduled future updates will be as infrequent on those as they are on Magic Geena. Because of the dates in the upcoming content section I’ve felt it necessary to base the updates score on those rather than the many additions in January. The videos at Magic Geena were strangly jerky, very jerky, like they were recorded at a low frame rate or something. The video data gathered from the files showed the usual 30 frames per second though, but even though I tried playing the videos in several different media players I got the same jerky playback every time. Since this is pretty odd indeed, I’m inclined to believe it could be a problem with the video codecs I have installed on my computer (most media players tend to use the same system files for showing video on your screen). It’s just a bit strange that I haven’t seen the problem before with neither the Windows Media format nor any other video format (and additionally the “guest model” videos played as smooth as they should, same resolution, slightly lower bitrate and using the same video codecs)

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