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European Glamour Girls – the name is a masterpiece of understatement. This site has some of the most beautiful sexy European models, mostly from the Czech Republic. So do many others you say – true. Where European Glamour Girls is unique is in the exceptional relationship between the girls and the video camera. They seduce the camera as though it was a hot guy, in the most erotic, sexually arousing ways. So many erotic sites have stunning photos but on the videos they seem to point the lens at a girl who writhes around a bit, takes her clothes off and then fades out. We have always felt it is very much more difficult to get good erotic videos than a few photos because the model has to move and be erotic, sexy, sensuous, confident etc. We find tons of good looking eastern European models look great but cant move sexily. The result is poor unnatural video. However, go to the Mediterranean or latin countries and you find gorgeous women who are just naturally sexy and seduction is second nature to them. That is just what the producers of this site have done. Consequently every model on this site is seductively sexy as well as great to look at.


The site is well designed and easy to get around. Most of the navigation begins on the models pages. This is a list of models with a photo and brief details. Click on the model and you get a page with all her photo shoots and videos. There is no clue to the content of the shoot other than a title and a thumbnail eg Anisha: bubble bath or Anisha: fireplace. On some sites this would be very irritating. Here, as almost everything is worth watching, just click and see what you get. (A little intimate detail on the shoots would be a great addition to this site). The photos are offered in a number of sizes and can be downloaded as zip files. If you have broadband then downloading the full size zip is the best way to see the girls. For the slower speeds then view the photos at 400×600 and when you see a really hot one, click the full size button and download it at the full 2000×3000 almost life size resolution.

Eurasian top-model Agnes from Prague, Czech Republic. Originally, she is a Mongolians pussy presenter.

Currently there are over 390 steaming, sensuous, original video clips. Each is around 8 minutes long and is available in full screen Divx or slightly lower quality wmv files. Downloads are fast but the files are quite large for both formats. Although the videos can be streamed it is not recommended as you are sure to want to keep them to see again later. As you have probably gathered by now, we think these are some of the hottest erotic videos we have ever seen. Whilst the technical quality is excellent it is the performance of the models that really puts the videos in a class of their own. Rather than waste more inadequate prose on describing them we recommend you go take a look for yourself. The samples we have do not do them justice but give a brief taste. There are other features on the site like a forum for members and some fun shoots that add a little extra but its the video that will sell it to you. To increase our rating all they need is more of the same high quality original content.

We review a lot of sites, of every type of porn and European Glamour Girls is one of the few that really got us excited. The photos are excellent, the video is absolutely erotically stunning and the models are to die for.

Publisher’s description: This website is dedicated to the natural beauty of European models. Most of them you may not know; but you will regret not getting to know them! See new, young faces and enjoy the natural beauty and abandon of our girls. Some of them are real professionals and know what it means to flirt with the camera; others are amateurs or even true first-timers who will convince you with their natural charms.

– every day a new video clip or a new photo set
– DivX video clips in 720×528 pixels
– photos up to 2000×3000 pixels
– extensive download opportunities

Some of the girls are real professionals and know what it means to flirt with the camera, others are amateurs or even true first-timers who will convince with their natural charms.

Homepage: Sorry, EGC is offline.

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